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Presenting at the Dartford Business Networking event

I’ve blended 25 years in the creative industry as an Actor-Director for both stage and screen with over 15 years working as a Communication Skills Facilitator and MC in the corporate arena to deliver a highly impactful Presentation Skills Workshop.

Ultimately, I have the ability to bring confidence to those who need a little or a lot of support in finding ways to deliver effective presentations to both live audiences or camera. My relaxed, humorous approach is packed full with helpful models and techniques which I then facilitate into low level exercises. A Post-Graduate Diploma from Arts Educational means my approach focuses on the connection between physical control (breath and movement) and an appreciation of the message. This forms a basis to help realise and harness a personal style, engendering confidence and freedom to express. Presentations can vary in their scale and timeliness so my approach can give individuals the ability to prepare in the moment as well as in a controlled manner ahead of time.

My approach to Presentation Skills is delivered to a wide and varied market. For several years I have provided for IT Leaders at Henley Business College and for Inside Knowledge I now go into private secondary schools throughout the UK such as Ardingly, Bradfield and Merchant Taylor Colleges to deliver presentation skills workshops to senior students. Other clients include Tube station managers at London Underground for Interact and an open Camera Presentation Workshop for small business owners run by R-Solutions. Most recently I provided one-to-one Presentations Skills coaching at Director level for MICA (Architects).

Its now a business necessity to be able to present to camera in a confident, assured manner

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