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Mike Sengelow

Sharpthorne, West Sussex


Training: Arts Educational School

Playing range: 35-45

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Heritage: New Zealand/UK

Full clean driving license

Corporate Acting CV

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Professional info​

I've been working in the training arena for more than 15 years now and I've developed a wide range of techniques and approaches to make corporate learning interesting, engaging and powerful. Actors can bring something very impactful to training, the ability to try things out. We bring ideas to life. I've dealt with a wide range of clients across both private and public sector and I've delivered on behalf of many organisations. I can understand complicated interpersonal concepts and I know how to make them land with a room full of people. 

Work experience

GCE Group - Sales Training FACILITATOR

Abbotts Advertising - Coaching FACILITATOR

Working Links - Roleplay

IT Leaders - Communic.Skills FACILITATOR

Hays - Recruitment Roleplay

R-Solutions - Presentat.Skills FACILITATOR

Corp.Roleplay Workshops - FACILITATOR

Examples for Interact

Transport for London - FACILITATOR and Facilitated Roleplay/Forum

Rolls Royce - Facilitated Roleplay

Dairycrest UK - Roleplay

Gen. Med. Council - Assessment Roleplay

RCGP - Assessment Roleplay

Dept Work & Pensions - Roleplay

Coca-Cola UK/Europe - Facilitated Roleplay

British Airways - Facilitated Roleplay

For Inclusive Employers

Genesis Housing - E&D FACILITATOR

Catalyst Housing - E&D FACILITATOR

Surrey Fire and Rescue - Forum Theatre

Southwest Trains - Forum Theatre

Twinings - Forum Theatre

The Co-op Group - Forum Theatre

Examples for Roleplay UK

Travis Perkins – FACILITATOR

Commerzbank (Frankfurt) - FACILITATOR

Rathbones - Assessor

Gatwick Partnership - Roleplay/Forum

BAE – Facilitated Roleplay/Forum

Examples for Silvercube

Philip Morris int. (Russia) - Development Centre

Camden Council - Facilitated Roleplay

3M - Forum Theatre/Roleplay

Havant Borough Council - Roleplay

Boston County Council - Forum Theatre

Rambol - Forum Theatre/Roleplay

University of East London - Roleplay

Oxford University - Roleplay

STM Specialists - Roleplay

Westminster City Council - Roleplay


Examples for Nick Gasson Associates

Kroll Risk Consultancy - Roleplay

Deloitte UK/Europe - Facilitated Roleplay

TubelinesDSTL - Roleplay

Hillingdon PCT - Roleplay

The National Trust - Recruitment Roleplay

Olswang LLP - Roleplay

CMG - Forum Theatre/Roleplay

Examples for The Performance Business

FSA/FCA - Recruitment Roleplay

Prudential - Roleplay

Shire Pharmaceuticals - Roleplay

Daimler Chrysler UK - Roleplay

ICI - Development Roleplay

GE Healthcare - Roleplay

Glaxo SmithKline - Facilitated Roleplay

Dentons LLP - Roleplay

Bank of England - Recruitment Roleplay

Anglian Water - Forum Theatre/Roleplay



Roleplay                  ·


Forum Theatre         · Facilitation

Course Design          · Scriptwriting

Presenting                · Improvisation

Invisible Theatre       ·



Camera Experience

Training Models

I am familiar with the following training models:


  • A.I.D

  • T.E.D.

  • Transactional Analysis

  • N.L.P.

  • Myers Briggs

  • G.R.O.W.

  • R.A.I.D.

  • Johari’s Window

  • Coaching

  • Push/Pull

  • Conscious Competence

  • Insight Colours (Thomas Intern.)

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